Strange Beauty Decays

by The Hadron Big Bangers

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WARNING! We pick things up... and smash them down.

By introducing IMPROVISED Particles in SPONTANEOUSLY Charged SESSIONS, REVERSING and/or Deconstructing them, then subjecting them to STRANGE BEAUTY DECAYS, we will be in compliance with our MISSION charter, of delivering POSITIVE SONIC STATEMENTS into this negatively CHARGED ENVIROMENT.

THE HADRON BIG BANGERS: Always with you... until the BEGINNING.

Super Collisions: Making your life worthwhile, while you wait.

Life comes at you hard.
Our particles are Harder.
Do you believe in magic? you believe in ScIENCE?
THE HADRON BIG BANGERS: Now carrying both!

The Hadron Big Bangers have heard it all before... played it all before... enjoyed it all before...
Does that mean we should rehash older musics, or take what we've lived through, and apply it to the creation of new sounds? Or the destruction of old sounds? We have chosen both! Not an easy task, but one we are comfortable pursuing.

Music is the most flexible and forgiving Art Form, and when treated with Respect and Love, is capable of great Transformation. The Hadron Big Bangers are searching for the Tetraquarks and Pentaquarks in music. We know they exist, and we will continue our research and testing until we are satisfied with our results.

Don't you hear it???
Out there, blessed and barren, where the Oceans caress. Waiting to elevate us or send us spiraling into an empty void of despair. We learn to make the candle burn... underwater. Above us, only sky? Beyond that, we need to know. We learn to make the candle burn... in cold space.

So... The noises that surround us... the sounds of light and shadow... the echoes of an entire planet yearning... the patter of that hard rain we were told was gonna fall... Within these layers of Lifenoise/Deathnoise is where Creation begins.
This is where you find: THE HADRON BIG BANGERS

THE HADRON BIG BANGERS are capable of vast walls of noise as well as delicate, ambient musings. Layers of Electro, FreeJazz, Prog, Reggae, Rock, Punk,(pre & post), Blues, Dub, and more, inhabit their spontaneously creative explorations.


“They claim not to be who the rumors say they are, but really, who else could they possibly be?” – Name withheld upon request.

“OMG OMG OMG!!!! OH MY GOD!!!!!” -- Some anonymous teenybopper

“The Hadron Big Bangers are to music what, well, hadrons were to the big bang.” – Stephen Hawk

“Total unmitigated crap. But I love it.” – Frankie Boy Jones

“Send them all your money now, they deserve every penny of it. Sell your house, sell your wife, put your children to work, and send them that money too.” – The Hadron Big Bangers

“In particle physics, a hadron is a composite particle made of quarks held together by the strong force. Likewise the music of The Hadron Big Bangers is composition and improvisation held together by strong musicianship.” Al (Bert) Einstein

“It is Mozart’s music that reveals God, not Salieri’s, and he knows it. He is tortured by this, and his envy leads to him to seek Mozart’s fall. To that end he toys with Mozart’s mind, even going so far as to trick the dying composer into writing his own requiem mass. Long story short, THE HADRON BIG BANGERS F**KING ROCK!!!” – Miley Foreman

“Bach begat Beethoven, Beethoven begat Bartok, Bartok begat Chuck Berry, Chuck Berry begat the Beach Boys, the Beach Boys begat Bowie, Bowie begat the B52s, the B52s begat Bob Marley, Bob Marley begat The Brandenburg Concerto, The Brandenburg Concerto begat Barbarella, Barbarella begat Leonard Bernstein, Leonard Bernstein begat Leonard Cohen, Leonard Cohen begat The Coen Brothers, The Coen Brothers begat The Brothers Grimm, The Brothers Grimm begat Brothers in Arms, Brothers in Arms begat Armageddon, Armageddon begat The Hadron Big Bangers. And Soylent Green is made of people!” – Robert Thorn

“Out here on the perimeter there are no stars, only The Hadron Big Bangers.” – Davey Bo Wheee

“Implacable rising water.” – Bob E. Dylan

“Soft/Hard-driven, slow/fast, and mad, like some new language. An erosion of rock and roll innocence into a modern version of Bacchanalian ritual.” – Jim Morris

“The density of innuendo is enormous.” – Some big guy we met

“More than just a band – the perfect combination of the most intense elements: passion and mystery and expertise. It seems like they’re always searching for something. They aren’t content being in one place, and they are always trying something new. They can do anything.” – Dave Grohl talking about Led Zeppelin


released December 12, 2014

Robert Are
Martin Ear



all rights reserved


The Hadron Big Bangers Newtown, Connecticut

Review of Strange Beauty Decays at "Music Street Journal":

We are searching for the Tetraquarks and Pentaquarks in music, we know they exist, and we will continue our research and testing until we are satisfied with our results.
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